Brave with a Limit: Ciucas Adventure and Chalet Pit Stop (1954m)

Brave with a Limit: Ciucas Adventure and Chalet Pit Stop (1954m)
  • Ciucas
  • Ciucas
  • Ciucas
  • Ciucas
  • Difficulty level: **** (out of 5*)
  • Duration: One full day, 8h of hiking
  • Price range:
    1 person: 350 EUR
    2-4 persons: 300 EUR/ pers
    >4 persons: 280 EUR/ pers

    Pick up: personal pick up from your hotel @06:00am
  • Included:
    • Pick up & drop off
    • Guidance ensured by certified mountain guides
    • Traditional platter with a selection of Romanian cheeses and charcutterie, local sweets, handmade spirits and refreshments
Hiking to Ciucas Peak, situated in the Ciucas Mountains of the Eastern Carpathians in Romania, offers a rewarding experience for outdoor enthusiasts with its distinctive landscapes and panoramic views. The Ciucas Mountains are renowned for their unique rock formations and rich biodiversity, making the hike to the peak a visually stunning journey. Ciucas Peak itself stands at an altitude of 1,954 meters and is accessible via several trails, with the most popular starting points being from the Ciucas Chalet or the town of Cheia.

The trails wind through coniferous forests, open meadows, and rocky paths, leading up to the summit where hikers are rewarded with spectacular 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The peculiar rock formations near the peak, such as the Sphinx of Ciucas, add a touch of mystery and awe to the adventure.

During the warmer months, the mountain slopes are adorned with a variety of alpine flowers, adding color and vibrancy to the hike. The Ciucas Peak hike is not only a physical journey but also an opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy the serene beauty of the Romanian Carpathians.